Corporate Identity I made for the Bachelor- & Master-Exhibition of Communication Design of the University of Mainz. The exhibition took place from 01.02.—02.02.2019 at KUZ Kulturzentrum Mainz (Bachelor) and form 01.02.—07.02.2019 at Gutleut Mainz (Master).


BAMA was previously only an internal university code for the joint Bachelor’s and Master’s exhibitions at the end of the semester. But in January 2019 the acronym will become avant-garde exhibition title. The content becomes the topic. And so we communicate the cryptic coding with the audience, the recipient, no – the whole world.


Not only the title is radical reduction, but also the design concept. Because here, too, the content becomes the theme. We present the work of our Bachelor and Master graduates on the largest possible stage. Because they deserve nothing more than the best possible presence. Their works show the diversity of the Communication Design course at Mainz University of Applied Sciences and are also the pearls of this exhibition.