Lucas Hesse
Hamburg, Germany


Lucas Hesse is a Hamburg-based graphic & motion designer with a strong focus on typography. During his studies in Mainz, he spent a semester abroad in Seoul, joined a course at the HfG in Offenbach under the direction of Eike König and gained experience trough an internship at Studio Dumbar in Rotterdam. This made him “curious about how different personalities and people from different cultures approach design.” It taught the designer how some influences can indirectly effect one another.


“My work is built very systematically, I break down the content into its simplest form and put it in a graphic scheme that’s as straightforward as possible.” This is seen in the designer’s Swiss-inspired work that focuses on grid-based simplicity which offers the viewer an obtainable clarity. Lucas’ “reduced graphic” aesthetic also translates through a mainly monochrome colour scheme, amplified by designs that are based on the “graphic environment” such as geometric shapes or contours.


Feel free to contact me for freelance work or collaborations.



Vanity Fair (New York, USA)
Britten Sinfonia (Cambridge, UK)
LA Galaxy (Los Angeles, USA)
Live From Earth (Berlin, Germany)
GOAT (Los Angeles, USA)
The Brand Identity
 (Cambridge, UK)
Specht Studio
 (Antwerp, Belgium)
Kunsthochschule Mainz (Mainz, Germany)
Two Times Elliott (London, UK)
AKT London (London, UK)
Design by Toko (Sydney, Australia)
The District (Cambridge, UK)
John Philip Sage (London, UK)
Soraya Chumroo (London, UK)
STORE Projects (London, UK)
Media Fast Forward Festival (Brussels, Belgium)
Everpress (London, UK)
Kilotype (Mainz, Germany)
Hugo Boss (Metzingen, Germany)
Frauenreferat Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany)
OPAK (Frankfurt, Germany)
Pushkin & Gogol (Dallas, Texas)
Jamie Hudson (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Miirtek (Berlin, Germany)
Realiter (Germany)


August 2020 Inspo Finds Collection II
July 2020 Slanted Special Issue Rhineland-Palatinate
June 2020 Inonica Magazine Issue 01 | Magazine
May 2020 The Moon Exhibition by Forward Festival
May 2020 Collide24
May 2020 Chromatic Club Interview
April 2020 State of Play: Visual Creative Industries | [3]
March 2020:
January 2020: Design in Mainz
November 2019: International Poster Book 2019
July 2019: 10 Typographers making waves in 2019 | [2]
July 2019: ICBQ Magazine Issue 4
April 2019: Fonts in Use – Type at work in the real world
March 2019: klikkenthéke [3]
March 2019: E150–a Magazine / Website
January 2019: Print Finishes — Sandu Publishing (China)
December 2018: – Typography Trends of 2019
December 2018: Design made in Germany [4]
December 2018: It’s Nice That [2]
November 2018: It’s Nice That [1]
November 2018: 31 favourite T-shirt designs of 2018 | [1]
Juli 2018: Das bewegte Plakat | 100 beste Plakate (Book)
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April 2018: Design made in Germany [3]
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February 2017: Mindsparkle Mag
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February 2017: Design made in Germany [2]
October 2016: Design made in Germany [1]


October 2020: SCHAU—KAS—TEN, Ingolstädter Straße 39, (Frankfurt, Germany)
September 2020: (IN) BETWEEN, Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg, Germany)
March 2020: Vienna Research Festival, City Hall (Vienna, Austria)
November 2019: GDFScotland, Olympia Gallery (Glasgow, Scotland)
November 2019: DEMO Festival, Amsterdam Central Station (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
October 2019: ImagiNation, Nation Tower (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
October 2019: Seoul Future Conference 2019, Westin Chosun (Seoul, Republic of Korea)
September 2019: Reeperbahn Festival, Heiligengeistfeld  (Hamburg, Germany)
September 2019: Loftas Fest, Brazzu Studija  (Vilnius, Lithuania)
August 2019: Reclaiming the Future, Cowell Theater (San Francisco, California)
June 2019: Black & White (Birmingham Design Festival), Market Hall (Birmingham, UK)
May 2019: Europe Poster — Public Exhibition, Katschhof (Aachen, Germany)
May 2019: Augmented Reality Poster Exhibition, Improper Walls (Vienna, Austria)
May 2019 /b/channel, fanfare (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
March 2019: The Moving Poster, Medrar (Cairo, Egypt)
Oktober 2018: Poster on Ice, Gutleut (Mainz, Germany)
September 2018: Captcha, Kunstverein Mannheim (Mannheim, Germany)
July 2018: 21. HfG Rundgang, HfG-Kunsthalle (Offenbach, Germany)
July 2018: Symbiosis, Substanz der Stadt (Mainz, Germany)
June 2018 Moon Exhibition, Kulturhaus Kosmos (Zurich, Switzerland)
April 2017: Crème 7, Caritasgebäude, (Mainz, Germany)


January 2021: Grafik in Motion Lecture, University of Applied Sciences (online)
December 2020: Grafik und Motion Lecture, Adobe Live (online)
October 2019: Grafik in Motion Workshop, University of Applied Sciences (Mainz, Germany)

Curriculum Vitae:

2020: Graduation Graphic Design (BA) at University of Applied Sciences (Mainz, Germany)
2019: Internship at Studio Dumbar (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
2018: After School Club by Eike König (Offenbach, Germany)
2018: Koenigsklasse by Eike König at HFG Offenbach (Offenbach, Germany)
2017: Exchange student at Seoultech (Seoul, Republic of Korea)
since 2016: Working as freelancer
since 2015: Graphic Design at University of Applied Sciences (Mainz, Germany)
2011 — 2014: Apprenticeship as media designer (digital and print)
2011: Internships in different agencies


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